In search of GM
2020-03-30 07:43:11

Do you want to make money at the same time enjoy the game? 

Now is the time!

We will love to recruit a GM for our game, and of course hee will be well rewarded.


Time of application: 1/4/2020 - 30/4/2020

Number of recruitment : 1


1 You must be a player of our game

2 You are of course a game expert (Level 90 and above)

3 You are enthusiastic, and ready to help others

4 You must be online at least 3 hours/day


GM rights

1 Salary: 5000 diamonds/week

2 GM permission in game and on forum


What GM should do?

1 Avoid colliding with other players

2 Help novices in the game to start the game well

3 Help running the forum, testing and maintaining the game

4 Game bug&crash report, discover and report problems at the first time

5 Stop any prohibited action in the game, including insult, hack, cheat etc.

6 It is forbidden to request any information from the player, including account, password, etc.

7 Any action contrary to our rules will be punished


How do I apply?

Please send us an email to, 

We will contact you after receiving your request

Please follow the form below


Last name:

Game account (Email):

Game nickname:

Role level:

Why you are making a request:

Time online:

Email (to contact):

Skype account:

Your Facebook:



DK Team

30th March 2020


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