Preview of DK Christmas Update
2019-12-17 07:13:13

In order to greet Christmas, a new version of DK "Awaken of the St Blood" will be online soon enough. The specific new content is as follows.


New content

1. Parameters adjustment, greatly adjusting the values of mount, beast, cape, seal, sword and other systems, the combat power will be improved faster than ever;


2. Unlock the St Blood Awaken System. After awakening, you can activate the "Awakening Skills", and also the Saint Suit Equipment System;

3. Unlock instance of ancient ruins, each layer you challenge drops 5 million silver coins, never need to worry about lack of silver again;



4. Unlock the artifact system, after activation, it can not only greatly enhance the combat power, but also get gorgeous magic skills;



5. Unlock the goddess equipment, which can greatly increase the goddess bonus;



6, Unlock the fairy body function, after activation, gain special body effects blessing;



7. Add more mount and Wing skins.





Team DK

December 17, 2019 


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