Introduction of Profession
2019-07-19 07:27:09

 There are two major professions in the game for players to choose from: Sorcerer and Slayer. Once the character reaches a certain level, it can be transferred to become a Devil hunter.


1.     Sorcerer

Cast a horoscope and tell one’s fortune

Predict life and death

Sorcerers have the blood of Void Demon and Star Goddess.

Their innate talent of divination makes them wise and strong.

They belong to the alliance -- Eye of Omniscience

They foresee the terrible future of devil invasion through divination.


As a result, they obey the call of destiny and fight against devils to save human.


Weapon: Destiny Star Card




Heavy as steel and hard as iron to defend against devil claw.

Fast as fire and slay giant dragon with sword.

Slayers have the blood of Ancient Titan and Abyss Gorefiend.

They are the strongest knights of the kingdom and always fight against devils in the front line.

But the fall of the kingdom deprives them of their honors.

The power of blood tells them they must become more ferocious than devils.

Only in this way, they can revive the world.


Weapon: Abyss Sword




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