Merger at 1:30 am on June 9
2021-06-09 02:25:29

Dear players,

In order to provide you with a better gaming experience,we will perform data interoperability on some servers.

For the detailed information, please see below. Please inform each other.


Time of merger:

June 9, 2021 1: 30-2: 30 (PST)


Servers of merger:

S82 and S85

S83 and S86

S84 and S87



After the merger,

1. The player account will not be affected, and all character information will also be retained.

2. The login method remains the same.

3. The recharge method remains the same.

4. For players who have a character on both servers, you can find your characters by clicking on different sever numbers.

5. The server number will be displayed in front of the nickname.

6. The recharge before the completion of the merger will not be counted in the server merger activities.


In order to optimize the server environment,

we will clean up the characters that have not logged in for a long time.

The characters that meet all the 3 following conditions will be cleaned up:

1. No login record in the last 30 days

2. Character level is less than 90

3. Character has not been recharged


All the data of the cleaned characters will be deleted, and the official will not provide a recovery server for the characters, so players please cherish theircharacters.


Team DK

May 18, 2021


Do you have any problem or something to report? Then talk to us.